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Question concerning the Retail
Stores closing.

When are you closing?
Eastgate Shopping Center Greensburg
OCTOBER 18th 6pm.

Rt. 30 West, Jeannette

November 1st 6pm.

Is everything on sale? Yes almost everything is at least 50% off! Balloons, banners, and solids and bulk are not on sale. The departments that aren't on sale are marked.

Why aren't the balloons on sale? A new business, The Balloon Shoppe will be opening at the Jeannette location sometime in November.

What if something is already marked 50% off? You will be getting an additional 50% off!!!!!

Can I return products? No. Absolutely are sales are final beginning Friday, August 15th

Can I use my credit slip? Yes please use it right away.

Now where am I going buy balloons? A
A new business, The Balloon Shoppe will be opening at the Jeannette location sometime in November.

My party isn't until Nov, Dec, etc. are you still taking balloon orders? We are accepting all balloon
orders for the upcoming months. The Balloon Shoppe will fulfill your order and get it to you if you are unable to get to the Jeannette location. 

Can I still order banners for an upcoming month? Yes. They can be picked up at Eastgate until that store closes on October 18th. After Eastgate closes the banners can be picked up at Banners N’At, which currently is fully operational at the Jeannette location. We can also ship your order to you. You can order banners on line, www.bannersnat.com. 

Will the carnival business, Fun Services Festival Supply be closing too? No, it will continue to operate at the Jeannette location.

Are you shelves and other store fixtures for sale? Yes. Please call our Jeannette store and ask for Bobby. 724-523-5474 

Is this building on Rt. 30 Jeannette for sale? No. The carnival business and banner business will continue to operate here. The Balloon Shoppe  will also open up here sometime in November  We will be leasing the party store space. Call B.L. Stein Company at 412-281-2700

Are the shelves, gondolas and other fixtures for sale? Yes. Call the Jeannette store for details. Eventually priced fixtures will be on the sale floor.